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SkillBridge is a program developed by the U.S. Department of Defense. It allows companies to provide job skills training to service members during their last six months of their military service. Because this program is designed to offer participants a high probability that your business will hire them at the end of their training, SkillBridge serves as a pipeline for highly capable, highly motivated job candidates. Some training programs must also receive approval from an established industry group to help ensure a high level of instruction. Internships tailored to your specific organization do not need to receive that third-party validation.

For Transitioning Service Members

  • Job Training, Employment Skills Training, Apprenticeships & Internships (JTEST-AI).
  • Participation is voluntary, service member initiated and command approved.
  • Offered at little to no cost to the Service member.
  • Training may occur up to 180 days prior to separation.
  • Additional eligibility requirements are outlined in DoDI 1322.29 & NAVADMIN 222/15.

Civilian companies and organizations such as unions and industry groups provide job skills training to transitioning service members during the last six months of their duty. The service members continue to receive their military pay and benefits from the government while participating, so the service member bears little or no cost.

Your company can provide different types of training, including classroom skills training; online coursework; on-the-job apprenticeships in trades such as welding, pipefitting or construction; and onsite internships.

All SkillBridge training programs must be approved by the Department of Defense. There must be a high likelihood that service members will be hired by your company or another employer that works with sponsoring trade unions or industry groups.

Participating service members must be in the final 180 days of their military service and be approved by a military supervisor.

All training must occur within 50 miles of the military installation where the service member is based.

It takes some time and effort to create a DoD-approved SkillBridge program, but the benefits are well worth it.

Transitioning service members gain real-world training that is extremely likely to lead to employment after they leave the military. They are relieved of military responsibilities for the duration of the program, allowing them to concentrate on their training. They continue to receive their military pay and benefits from the government.

Why do we recommend this? 
Programs receive approval from the Department of Defense based in part on the quality of training, so participating service members can be assured the training is valuable. Programs are offered at little or not cost to service members and may be eligible for reimbursement under the GI Bill. Additionally, your company can choose to “fill in the gaps” with any costs to service members that remain.


If you are interested in the DoD SkillBridge program, please contac your local Fleet & Family Support Center.

FFSC @ Dam Neck Annex

Ph: 757-492-6342

More Information

FFSC @ JEB Fort Story

Ph: 757-422-7311

More Information

FFSC @ JEB Little Creek

Ph: 757-462-7563

More Information

FFSC @ NAS Oceana

Ph: 757-433-2912

More Information

FFSC @ NAVSTA Great Lakes

847-688--3603 Ext. 100

More Information



More Information


Ph: 757-444-2102

More Information

FFSC @ Newport News

Ph: 757-688-6289

More Information

FFSC @ NSA HR Northwest Annex

Ph: 757-421-8770

More Information

FFSC @ NSA HR Portsmouth

Ph: 757-953-7801

More Information

FFSC @ NSA Saratoga Springs

518-886-0200 Ext. 146

More Information

FFSC @ Portsmouth Naval Shipyard


More Information

FFSC @ SUBASE New London


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FFSC @ WPNSTA Yorktown

Ph: 757-887-4606

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Fleet & Family Support Programs

Military families represent a diverse population but often have similar questions and concerns about the military lifestyle. Despite the well-known challenges of separation and changes for military families, there can be positive experiences. Fleet & Family Support Centers (FFSC) has answers to your questions about parenting, benefits, life skills, military lifestyle challenges, employment, deployment, relocation, personal finance, schools, special needs and much more.

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