MWR Libraries

The Navy General Library Program (NGLP) features facilities that offer a wide variety of books and periodicals, computer resources and programs that enhance opportunities for educational research and recreational reading. NGLP supports all general libraries in the Navy, including more than 300 afloat and 30 shore locations. NGLP also outfits new ships with libraries and provides support to military missions in the Unified Pacific Command. NGLP has partnered with Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) to provide downloadable audio books, e-books, Navy Times, reference materials and practice tests at no cost to Sailors and Marines. The Navy MWR Digital Library can be accessed here. Library Multimedia Resource Centers (LMRCs) use space-saving digital technology to increase the holdings of afloat libraries by enabling the storage of reading materials on computer media and providing e-mail and Internet connectivity. The technology supports access to accredited educational programs that enable crewmembers to pursue advanced education opportunities. Sailors consistently rate the availability of computers and Internet connectivity at LMRCs as important shipboard quality of life services.


JEB Fort Story - Library

JEB FS • Bldg. T-530 • Ph: 757-422-7548

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JEB Little Creek - Library

JEB LC • Bldg. 3016 • Ph: 757-462-7691

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NAVSTA Great Lakes - Library

GL • Bldg. 617 • Ph: 847-688-4617

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