Naval Cardboard Boat Regatta

Let’s set sail! Participate in the Cheatham Annex MWR Aquatics Inaugural Naval Cardboard Boat Regatta on Saturday, June 17 from 9 a.m. to noon at King’s Pointe Pool. Teams of two will race 50 yards (2 laps) in the pool. All boat passengers must pass a swim test. Everyone is encouraged to dressed in the theme of their boat. Prizes will be awarded to longest voyage, most creative boat, and biggest shipwreck. 

There will be three divisions: parent and child (ages 5 to 10), youth (ages 10 to 17), and adult (ages 18 and older). This event is open to DoD ID cardholders and their children ages five and older. We encourage all command participation. We also love spectators! Online registration is required to participate. This event is limited to the first 20 boats to register.                                

Rules for Cardboard Regatta:  

Design and Construction 

  • Boats must be premade and can be “fine-tuned” on site.  
  • Only corrugated cardboard may be used. Boats may not be bonded to any other materials. No solid cardboard or carpet roll tubes may be used. 
  •  No floatation aids may be used such as: wood, metal, Styrofoam, sandbags, etc.  
  • Joints and seams can ONLY be held together with duct tape (DO NOT completely cover any part of the boat with tape). No nails, wood, or teal fasteners. Staples may be used in small amounts for decorating purposes.  
  • No paint that will cause a waterproof barrier. No epoxy or two-part glue. No epoxy paint or vanishes of any kind. Latex paints only.  
  • Hulls MAY NOT be wrapped in plastic, duct tape or any other material.  
  •  Decorations cannot cause a waterproof barrier.  
  • The boat’s passenger area must not be enclosed above the occupant’s shoulders so as to interfere with escape.  
  • Boats must be built to allow passengers to remain fully on top of the vessel (no dangling extremities). 
  • Each boat must have a designated captain and a first mate that will travel on the voyage.  
  • Oars will be provided for each boat.  

Vessels are subject to inspection and may be disqualified for violations of the above rules. We do encourage all of our participants to utilize web searches for tips and building ideas, however our rules and guidelines will still need to be followed.   


For more information, please call 757-847-7828. 

The Department of the Navy does not endorse any company, sponsor or their products or services.