Skip to Content is an official Department of Defense (DoD) website, dedicated to helping Service Members, DoD civilians, and their families find housing.  The website enables Navy Housing Service Center (HSC) professionals, property managers and Service Members to find and share vital information about non-discriminatory rental listings.

Create an account on the secure website and start searching, it's as easy as entering the installation name. You can refine your search to include what is most important to you in your housing search:

  • contains listings for most CONUS and OCONUS installations.

  • Registered users can view listing details and property manager contact information.

  • You can use any email account to register; a “.mil” email is not required.

  • You can compare listings side-by-side, and save preferences and favorite listings.

Some Installations on are abbreviated or part of a group. For Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story search “JEBLCFS” and for Northwest Annex search “Hampton Roads”.

For questions, please visit your local Housing Service Center.

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Landlords & Property Managers

Landlords and property managers who have worked with the Navy Housing Service Centers (HSC) in the past can create a login for and have access to their previously listed properties.  Once a landlord or property manager has created a login, they can begin listing their properties. offers a secure site for landlords and property managers wishing to list their properties to Service Members stationed at a nearby Navy Installation. is integrated with the HSC’s management software, allowing a streamlined experience for Service Members looking for community housing.

All homes that are listed on must meet minimum housing standards (click above tab for more information). 


Please note that complies with all DoD Information Assurance Requirements.  The Security Certificates for some browsers may take time to update.  If prompted by your web browser, please create an exception to continue to will never ask you for your credit card or social security number.

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Minimum Housing Standards



  • Within 1-hour commute by a privately-owned vehicle during normal commuting hours, or within other limits to satisfy mission requirements.

  • Not in an area, subdivision or housing complex designated by the Commanding Officer as “unacceptable for health or safety reasons" or included on a sanctions list.

  • In an area determined by zoning authorities for residential occupancy.


  • Well maintained, clean, structurally sound and does not pose a health, safety or fire hazard.  Meet local community life, health and safety standards for natural light, ventilation and egress from all habitable rooms.  It must include fully operational smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and other safety features as required by State, Federal and Local codes.

  • Is a complete unit with private entrance, bathroom and kitchen for the sole use of its occupants.  The kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms can be entered without passing through bedrooms.  The kitchen has stove and refrigerator connections, and space for food preparation.  At least one bathroom has a shower or bathtub, lavatory and flushable toilet.

  • Includes air conditioning or similar type cooling system.  Includes permanently installed, adequately vented, heating system.  Heating and/or air conditioning systems may not be required in tropical climates or in geographic areas where heating/air conditioning systems are not historically included in construction practices or where not required by State, Federal or Local construction criteria.

  • Includes hot and cold running potable water.  In some foreign areas, construction standards for community housing do not provide for potable running water.  In such places, hot and cold running water shall be provided and a continuous supply of potable water shall be made available.

  • Sufficient sanitary and sewage disposal facilities.

  • Adequate electrical service to meet demands and required by State and Federal code.

  • Includes washer/dryer connections in the unit or accessibility to laundry facilities in close proximity and located on the premises.

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