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NAVSTA Norfolk Sailing Center & Marina

The Sailing Center and Marina is a great place to enjoy recreational boating and fishing in the Hampton Roads area! At the Naval Station Norfolk Sailing Center you can learn to sail, kayak, rent boats, and fishing gear, and enjoy a relaxing time on the water. The Sailing Center offers boating classes for adults and summer camps for children as well as a wide array of rental boats including kayaks and paddleboards, powerboats for fishing and a variety of recreation activities, and a fleet of over 50 sailboats from dinghies to cruising keelboats.

The Marina offers 200 deep water slips, conference rooms with waterfront views, a nearby fishing pier, boat ramp, ice, bait and fishing supplies, complimentary pump-out service, marina store, free WiFi internet, and dinghy storage.

Massey Hughes Dr., Bldg. LAG-88
Norfolk, VA

May 1 to September 30
Seven Days a Week, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

October 1 to April 30
Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Norfolk Naval Sailing Center Marina Amenities

The Marina offers a bait and tackle store, floating slips up to 90 feet, Dinghy storage, freshwater, 30 or 50-AMP power, 150 protected deepwater slips, free Wi-Fi, bathhouses with showers, laundry facilities on-site (24/7), complimentary pump-out service, and ice is available during standard office hours. All utilities are included.

Boat Ramp Access

Day Pass - $5 
Yearly Pass - $60

Marina Floating Dock & Transient Rates

Floating Piers: $9.50 per foot/per month for monthly contracts; $8.50 per foot/per month for six-month contracts; $7.50 per foot / per month for annual contracts
Liveboards: $10.50 per foot/per month for six-month contracts; $10 per foot/per month for yearly contracts
Transients: $2 per foot/per night or $1.50 per foot/ per night for five-day increments (All transients must show proper ID upon arrival)

REQUIREMENTS: Proof of insurance, boat registration or USCG documentation and current Coast Guard Vessel Safety Inspection. Must possess an authorized military or DoD civilian ID.

Dry Storage

For boats and boat trailers up to 30 feet. 

Six-Month Contract - $65 
One-Year Contract - $60 

C Dock Special

Featuring concrete floating docks

$5.50/foot/month - with annual contract
$6.50/foot/month - with six-month contracts

Navy MWR Sailing Center & Marina Rental Rates

Paddleboard $8 $15 $30 $50 $200 None
Kayak $8 $15 $30 $50 $200 None
Double Kayak $12 $20 $40 $75 $210 None
Eclipse $12 $20 $45/$50* N/A N?A None
Carolina Skiff 9.9 HP N/A $30 $50/$55* N/A N/A None
May Craft 90 HP N/A $125 $200 $300 $750** SPB
May Craft 115 HP N/A N/A $250 $350 $850** SPB
Bayliner Element 115 HP N/A $150 $250 $400 $875** SPB
Bayliner VR40B 115 HP N/A N/A $300 $450 $950** SPB
Laser $9 $30 $55  N/A N/A Small Boat
420 Club $11 $40 $70 N/A N/A  Small Boat
420 Club Racers $15 $35 $55 N/A N/A Small Boat
Hobie Wave $12 $30 $50  N/A N/A Small Boat
Hobie Getaway $15 $35 $60 N/A N/A Small Boat
Hobie Triak $15 $35 $60 N/A N/A  Small Boat
Hobie Tandem Triak $20 $40 $65 N/A N/A Small Boat
Knock-About $15 $35 $60 N/A N/A Small Boat
Colgate 26 N/A $100 $150 N/A N/A Basic Keelboat
Hunter 260 N/A $120 $175 $275 $500 Basic Cruising
Catalina 310 N/A $125 $200 $375 $750 Advanced Cruising

US Sailing Basic Keelboat Course

In this introductory 16-hour course you will learn to sail a 26-foot keelboat with one of our certified instructors. The practical integration of this course puts you behind the helm. Instructors cover an array of topics, including boat handling and seamanship, understanding sail trim and techniques, navigation, and safety preparedness. Upon completion, students will be eligible to rent the Colgate 26.

Schedule: Courses are offered from May through November.
Cost: $380

Registration: Advanced registration is required. Students will receive a U.S. Sailing Basic Keelboat textbook, logbook, U.S. Sailing Certification and membership, and eligibility to rent basic keelboats.

Basic Cruising Course

This course is designed to introduce keelboat sailors to cruising. Topics include maneuvering under power, docking, anchoring, onboard systems, advanced sail trim, tacking angles, and balance. This course will introduce wheel steering. Upon completion, students will be eligible to rent the Hunter 260.

Schedule: Courses are offered from May through November.
Cost: $400

Registration: Advanced registration is required. Students will receive a Norfolk Naval Sailing Center endorsement and eligibility to rent the Hunter 260.

Bareboat Cruising

Learn the subtleties of sailing a bigger keelboat. Topics of this course include rules of the road, cruising systems, tides, currents, VHF radio and sailing the bay. Upon completion of this course, students will be eligible to rent the Catalina 310.

Cost: $450

Small Boat Course

Learn the basics of sailing aboard our small sailboats. This 16-hour course introduces beginners to the exciting sport of small-boat sailing. Participants are actively behind the helm and crewing a 13-foot 420 and Lasers. Instruction includes orientation of boat and rigging, boat handling, maneuvering to the dock, and rules of the road.

Schedule: Courses are offered one weekend a month in June, July, and August.
Cost: $300

Registration: Advanced registration is required. Students will receive a Norfolk Naval Sailing Endorsement and eligibility to rent our small boats, including lasers, 420s, Hobie waves, Hobie Getaway, and Hobie sailing kayaks.


Additional Sailing Opportunities

First Sail: Are you considering sailing, but uncertain if you’re ready to commit to a full program? This two-hour leisurely sail on Willoughby Bay is designed to introduce newcomers to all the possibilities of sailing.

Cost: $50

Check Ride: Check rides are available for those sailors who currently possess a nationally-recognized certificate and would like to become eligible to rent our sailboats. Our instructors conduct a practical test along with the written exam to “check” or confirm your skillset with rigging, boat handling, and seamanship.

Cost: $100 (3-hour minimum)

Safe Powerboat Course: The powerboat course is a requirement prior to renting. This four-hour, on-the-water training puts you behind the wheel of our 90 HP center console boats. Instructors review operations, boat handling, and safety. Classes are offered from March to November. To reserve your spot, call 757-444-2918.

Cost: $60


U.S. Sailing Challenge

Challenges are geared toward sailors with extensive sailing knowledge and experience but do not currently possess a nationally recognized certificate. U.S. Sailing allows this option for those individuals seeking the U.S. Sailing certificate who have not had formal training. Candidates must pass a US Sailing written and practical exam.

*This is not a substitute for structured training. Failure to pass challenge requires enrollment in a course.

Cost: $200

Junior Sailing Camp

We can’t wait to meet you and show you how fun sailing is! We have been working hard throughout the winter to come up with new and exciting activities for this summer. For those who are a little nervous about coming to sailing camp, don’t be! We are here to make sailing camp the most memorable thing you’ll do all summer! Let’s go sailing!


Our trained and licensed sailing instructors understand the concerns you may have as a parent allowing your child to explore new and exciting experiences. We ensure that every safety precaution has been taken. If you have any questions and/or comments, please contact the Sailing Center:



The NSN Sailing Center’s Junior Sailing Program will strive to:

·      Give students an appreciation of the sport and enjoyment of sailing as both a competitive and recreational activity.

·      Instill competence in the handling and care of sailboats with an understanding of the basic elements of seamanship and safety.

·      Develop an appreciation and philosophy for self-reliance, dependability, courtesy, sportsmanship, respect and teamwork.



There is adequate instructor staffing to ensure an optimum student/teacher ratio to promote a superior learning atmosphere and to provide individual attention. Daily supervision of the camp will be provided by a certified U.S. Sailing Level 1 Instructor.


The NSN Sailing Center and Marina is located at the mouth of Willoughby Bay. The waters around the facility are overseen by our Dock Master and attendants as well as the Naval Station Police Force, providing a safe setting for junior sailing instruction.

We provide a variety of boats for our junior sailors. The 8 to 12 age group will have the option of sailing in Club Optimists or 420s while learning how to skipper and crew. The 13 to 17 age group will be able to sail the 420s and Hobie Waves.

Each child is provided with a U.S. Coast Guard approved Type III life preserver. Campers may also choose to bring their own U.S. Coast Guard approved Type III  life preserver.

Due to the nature of the environment, every student must be able to swim. The test is comprised of swimming from our dinghy dock to a buoy 50 feet away and treading water for approximately two minutes. The instructor will then throw out a life preserver in which the student must be able to put on while in the water.


The camp will begin promptly at the scheduled time, 9 a.m. Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your scheduled class time for the building will not be staffed.

Each morning the instructors will cover the plan and objectives for the day. The instructor will close each day with a brief review and discussion of the day’s events. Junior sailors shall not leave until all the equipment has been washed and stored. Junior sailors must wait for instructors to dismiss them. When leaving for the day, junior sailors are expected to sign out. We will make every attempt to make sure that the junior sailor is ready for pick up at the designated time. Please ensure your child is picked up within 15 minutes of their scheduled class ending time.


Please note the following:

·      If a junior sailor is not going to attend class, please call prior to the start of the day’s class to inform the instructor. Boat assignments depend on who is present and the instructors need to know a firm attendance count when roll is taken.

·      There is no make up instruction if a junior sailor is tardy or absent.

·      Junior sailors shall not leave the sailing center grounds during camp sessions without proper authorization.


Clothing: Closed-toe shoes are required at ALL times! Junior sailors should dress in comfortable clothes that can get wet. Bathing suits are a must as sailors will get wet on the boat, while swimming and all water activities throughout the day. A towel and a change of clothes is usually necessary at the end of camp session. Your junior sailor may also choose to wear sailing gloves for comfort. Hats and sunglasses are also recommended for sun protection.

Water Bottles: As a Virginia Clean Marina, we recommend resealable athletic type water bottles found at most sporting good stores. Junior sailors will be encouraged to drink plenty of water on hot days. Water refills and ice are on site.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is a MUST! We try our best to make sure each sailor re-applies sunscreen throughout the day, before and after water events. Please send your junior sailor with sunscreen each day.

Lunches: Sailors should bring their lunch each day. There is a refrigerator and microwave available for use on site. Students will be allotted 45 minutes for lunch on most days.


Parents and guardians are an important part of successful Junior Sail Camp. Parents should be involved and supportive of their children as they pursue the sport of sailing. In addition to signing your sailor up for our Junior Sail Camp, we ask you to also:

·       Encourage your sailor to play by the rules.

·       Familiarize yourself with the materials required for your sailor’s participation in the NSN Sailing Center programs.

·       Review lessons with your sailor at night by showing interest in what they have learned and achieved.

·       Applaud a good effort in victory and in defeat and enforce positive attitudes of the sport.

·       Due to the large size of the program, it is imperative that your sailor is on site ONLY during their scheduled class times.

·       Picture-taking opportunities will typically be on Friday afternoons.

Camps - $350
BEGINNER: An introduction to the exciting sport of sailing. Students start with the Beginner’s Course where they will learn the basic sailing skills including rigging sail trim, tacking and jibing, racing, and capsizing.

ADVANCED: Students who have completed the Beginner’s Course will be eligible for the Advanced Camp where they can continue to polish their sailing skills and learn advanced sail trim.

Junior Big Boat - $200
This three-day program provides junior sailors the unique opportunity to sail as a vital crew member aboard a 26-foot sailboat under the expert guidance of a certified US Sailing Instructor! Students will apply their small boating skills aboard a FULL-SIZED YACHT and greatly expand their knowledge of sailing.

Racing Clinic - $75
This one-day camp will introduce the fundamentals of small boat racing. Topics will include rounding marks, getting a great start, rules of racing, and much more.

Norfolk Junior Sailing Camp Schedule

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