NAS Oceana - Aerotheater

“Per the memorandum “Updated Guidance for Mask and Screening Testing for all Department of Defense Installation and Other Facilities”, dated 01 March 2022, as released by the United States Under Secretary of Defense, face masks and/or coverings are no longer required on installations and inside facilities in the LOW and MEDIUM CDC COVID-19 Community Levels. Masks and/or face coverings are optional and may still be worn at the discretion of the individual.
Regardless of the CDC COVID-19 Community Level, DoD force health protection guidance for workplace/recreational access and mask wearing for DoD personnel and customers with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 remains in effect.”

Effective 03/17/2022, the NAS Oceana Aerotheater will be open ONLY for Commands/Units to reserve the theater to hold all hands, stand downs, training, etc. MWR movies and concessions will not be open until further notice.

To reserve the theater for a function as listed above, Commands/Units will contact the NASO/DN MWR Director's Admisitrative Assistant at 757-433-2560.

Reserving Commands/ Units will be REQUIRED to complete the appropriate reservation form and return the MWR Director's Administrative Assistant for processing, scheduling, and verification. 

Aerotheater offers the latest Hollywood blockbusters with 3D capabilities for the same, great low rate we've always offered per person.  A full snack bar featuring popcorn, drinks & candy is also available.  Enjoy exclusive free sneak previews, and don’t forget Aerotheater is available for rent for command activities and off-duty parties.  We also offer a birthday party package that is super inexpensive for 10 children which includes movie admission, a food item (hot dog or nachos), popcorn, and a drink, call for pricing today!


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