WPNSTA Yorktown - Main NEX


Established in 1946, our mission is to provide customers with quality goods and services at a savings and to support Navy quality of life programs. The retail stores and many services offered by the NEX makes it an important quality of life benefit to customers... active duty, family members, retirees, national guard, and reservists, around the world, both ashore and at sea.

NEX Stores

NEXs, found on Navy installations worldwide, offers a wide variety of products and services to authorized customers. They offer prestige brands, national mass brands, and private brands, all at significant savings. NEX offers quality, value, and savings and is committed to delivering low prices every day on the merchandise and services customers want and need.  On average, customers save more than 20 percent, not including sales tax, when shopping at a NEX.

Seventy percent of our profits are contributed to MWR. The remaining 30 percent is retained by the organization to build new stores as well as fund renovations and other capital and major improvement projects. In fact, since 1946, the NEX has contributed over $2.3 billion to MWR. A listing of all NEX locations worldwide can be found here.