Dam Neck - Oasis Liberty Center


“Per the memorandum “Updated Guidance for Mask and Screening Testing for all Department of Defense Installation and Other Facilities”, dated 01 March 2022, as released by the United States Under Secretary of Defense, face masks and/or coverings are no longer required on installations and inside facilities in the LOW and MEDIUM CDC COVID-19 Community Levels. Masks and/or face coverings are optional and may still be worn at the discretion of the individual.
Regardless of the CDC COVID-19 Community Level, DoD force health protection guidance for workplace/recreational access and mask wearing for DoD personnel and customers with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 remains in effect.”

The Dam Neck MWR Liberty Program & Community Recreation Office partners with other N9 and installation departments to share resources, enhance programming, and offer installation-wide special events. Events and programming include (but not limited to) day trips to various leisure and recreational destinations to encourage community discovery, creative expression programs (such as art and entertainment activities), along with facilitated healthy leisure skill development such as classes, workshops and clinics; all while fostering social interaction among peers and the community.

The Dam Neck Liberty & Community Recreation Office also offers various types of in-house programming such as Texas Hold’Em and Ping Pong Tournaments, themed watch-parties for major sporting events such as the NFL and NBA games, holiday events and gatherings for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day, and much more! The Dam Neck Liberty Center & Community Recreation Office works in conjunction with other MWR facilities and programs to add little to no-cost entertainment to patrons and service members on the Dam Neck Annex base.

The majority of our patronage is Sailors and Marines in their first phases of professional training, largely 18 to 25 year olds, with no transportation for any off-duty activities. The Liberty & Community Recreation Office provides off-base shuttles weekly to local area vendors such as Red Mill Commons Shopping Center, Lynnhaven Mall, the NAS Oceana NEX and Commissary, and more. For additional information on the Dam Neck Oasis Shuttle Service, please contact the Liberty & Community Recreation Office at 757-492-4018 or 757-492-6806.

The Dam Neck Liberty & Community Recreation Office also provides 17 internet computers with CAC readers, Skype cameras, printing and scanning capabilities, free high-speed Wi-Fi, three pool tables, ping pong tables and an air hockey table, a large gaming systems room complete with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, individual gaming monitors and large flat-screen TVs; all for your interactive gaming enjoyment!

The facility also houses a mini-movie theater with 23 stadium reclining seating and state of the art surround sound. Come browse over 700 HD movies to choose from for free, courtesy of the Navy Motion Pictures (NDVD) program. Special “movie premiere” nights are held once or twice per month, showing the most currently released movies. Free popcorn, slushies and other small items are normally offered free of charge during these “special premiers”. The Oasis Liberty Center & Community Recreation Office also provides 5 large, flat-screen, HD TVs for TV entertainment, additional movies, and more gaming!


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