NSA Hampton Roads Northwest - Mariner Recreation Center


The Northwest Liberty Mariner Center has 15 computer stations, free Wi-Fi access, pool tables, and gaming stations. We also have two movie screens and all the latest movies provided by Navy Motion Pictures shown at your request and a wide variety of delicious menu items to choose from cooked fresh while you play.

NSA Hampton Roads' Northwest Single Sailor programs are open to all active duty military personnel and their guests 18 years or older. These programs are geared towards E-1 to E-6 personnel, geographic bachelors, and unaccompanied service members from all branches of services. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for these individuals by providing a comprehensive program of social, cultural, recreation, athletic, and fitness activities in a safe and healthy environment.

Liberty provides high-energy recreation programs, superior entertainment experiences, and development of personal leisure skills, leading to extraordinary and unique opportunities for enjoyment, activity, and adventure in an alcohol and tobacco-free environment.  The Liberty Center includes free use of computers, Internet and wireless Internet, state-of-the-art video game systems, movies, and TV rooms, book collections, and special events. Liberty trips and tours include sporting events, outdoor adventures, shopping trips, amusement parks, deep-sea fishing, and community events, including festivals, concerts, and seasonal programs.

Mariner Rec Center Quick Service Dining Menu