Oceana - The Shop @ 543

The NAS Oceana Auto Hobby Shop is the perfect spot for the do-it-yourself mechanic. We have a complete care garage with 20 stalls, 12 lifts, engine storage stands, tire changer, wheel balancing and other related capabilities. Disposal of waste oil and antifreeze is free of charge. A 24-hour, seven-days-a-week, six-bay car wash is also available.

Rules & Regulations:
ID card and vehicle registration is required for check-in. There will be no check-ins allowed one hour prior to closing. The last half hour of each day is for clean up, tool return and checkout only, no maintenance is to be performed during this time.  No children under age 14 are permitted; children ages 14-16 must be accompanied by an adult. Closed toes shoes required to use facility.

Auto Skills Center Pricing: 

Lift Stall - $10 
Bench Use Without Stall - $5
Vehicle/Engine Storage - Prorate to end of month, $30 per month for first three months. $60 per month after 
Tractor Push - $.50 each
Air Conditioning Services - $50 plus refrigerant, R-134a $20 per pound, R-1234yf $65 per pound
Lost Rags - $0.50 each 
Brake Rotors and Drums Turned - $10 each 
Wheel Balance - $10 for 16" and below. $20 for 17" and above
Reciprocating Saw - $2
Battery Charge - $4
Grease Gun - $1 
Tire Disposal - $5 each
TPMS (Reset) - $10 
Computer Scans - $25 
Tire Plugs - $5 
Technical Assistance - Free

*Minimum fee of one hour stall time. 

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