NNSY - Auto Skills & Hobby Shop

The auto hobby shop is a do-it-yourself garage, where customers can bring their car and parts and use our tools and space for a small fee.  You may do any mechanical work in our facility excluding fuel pumps, bodywork, painting or hot work. The facility features five lifts, two flat bays and plenty of tools are provided to get the job done. The shop does not carry supplies or parts such as oil, filters and spark plugs.

Auto Skills Fees & Charges

  • Frame lift, $6/hour
  • Drive-on lift, $6/hour
  • Flat stall, $5/hour
  • Outside stall, $3/hour
  • Bench work, $3/hour
  • Regular tire changer, $4/tire
  • Oversized tire changer, $6/tire
  • Regular tire balancer, $9/tire
  • Oversized tire balancer, $11/tire
  • hydraulic press, $4/use
  • Solvent tank, $4/use
  • Battery charger, $5/use
  • Turn rotors, $10/rotor
  • Turn drum, $10/drum
  • Grease gun, $1/use
  • Tire plug installed $8/plug
  • Tire plug kit $2/plug
  • Strut Compressor, $5/pair
  • Reciprocating saw, $5/blade
  • Computer scan, $25
  • Short-term car storage, $75/month
  • Engine storage, $60/month
  • Long-term car storage, $50/month
  • Long-term RV/boat storage $60/month
  • Boat storage, $60/month
  • Jumpstart, $20

How are we doing? We value your feedback and would like to hear from you.